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MOTHER DANILA SCHOOL is owned and run by the Orsoline Sisters of the Immaculate Virgin Mary which is a catholic religious congragation. Orsoline sisters are popularly known as educators. For us education is not just a career but a mission that derive from our identity as Orsolines. Education is for us the "essential course of action"; that which we feel we are made for. We dedicate ourselves in offering a wholistic education to our students with the aim of fostering personal growth and preparing responsible adults committed to the service and the transformation of the society. We do this trying as much as possible to work as a team with the parents. To achieve this, we organize seminars for parents and teachers in order to enhance knowledge for one another and to learn parenting practices that are most effective and are more likely to lead to positive outcomes for the children.
We are located at King'eero village, Kabete division, Kiambu County in Kenya, Africa where we run a school, named MOTHER DANILA KINDERGARTEN AND PRIMARY. We have the advantage of owning a Health Centre which is in the same compound as the school. Our learners get their medical services from the Health Centre whenever there is need. We offer our services in collaboration with a competent team of men and women whose contribution we treasure and value. The school started in January 2006 with only 13 pupils. Since then the number of children has continued to grow up to the present population. We have had to be flexible in order to respond to the local demands such that for example the building that serves as the school was not initially designed for a school but had to be adjusted given the need for a kindergarten. While at first we could only afford a kindergarten, the parents' demand for a primary school pushed us to work harder to respond to their needs and in 2015 we managed to open the primary school. We hope to expand our services to other parts of the country soon.

Our Journey

The Orsoline sisters of the Immaculate Virgin Mary came to Kenya in 1989 and opened a community in Adams Arcade, Nairobi. In 1993 we opened another community in King’eero. Immediately we opened a dress making school and in 1995 a health centre called St. Angela Merici. In 2006 we opened the Kindergarten, which was named Mother Danila.  Mother Danila was one of our sisters from Italy who had served as a superior in Eritrea for many years. During her mandate as a superior the Eritrean sisters celebrated 50 years of their presence in the country and as a thanksgiving to God, they decided to open a new mission in Kenya.

When Mother Danila finished her term as a superior in Eritrea in 1993, she came to Kenya and joined the community in Nairobi. Unfortunately, in December 1995 she had a fatal road accident and lost her life. When we opened the Kindergarten in 2006 we named it after her in her honour. In 2015, we opened a primary school as a continuation of the kindergarten. So far we run a Kindergarten, a primary school and a health centre. The health centre and the kindergarten are in the same compound at King’eero while the primary school is in a neighbouring village called Mararo.

Why Mother Danila School?

Our Mission

To foster personal growth and to prepare responsible adults commited to the service and transformation of the society.

Our Vision

To give a holistic education

Our Core Values

  • Maintain high academic standards
  • Empower students to realize their full potentiality
  • Uphold team spirit
  • Maintain discipline, in a safe learning environment

Learning is Fun!

  • Warm Caring Atmosphere
  • Clean, Safe Environment
  • Low teacher-pupil ratio
  • All-round involvement